Top Three Canadian Credit Card Payment Processors

#1 Digitech Payments

Our top pick for merchant account services in Canada this year, by quite a large margin is Digitech Payments.

Digitech has far surpassed our group’s expectations and consistently delivers not only fair and transparent pricing, but provides unparalleled customer service as well.

Digitech payments offers the most cost effective and transparent Cost-Plus Pricing.

As the most transparent pricing program, it’s easy for merchants to understand the initial quote and the subsequent monthly statements.

Due to their commitment to transparency, Digitech has grown exponentially since 2012 and has far surpassed every single one of their close competitors.

Digitech remains committed to providing excellent merchant services and continues to enjoy an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Regardless of monthly processing volume or method, Digitech offers Interchange-Plus (Cost-Plus) Pricing to all their merchants.

Cost-Plus Pricing allows for the most clarity, as all you pay is the Interchange Rate (Cost), as set by Visa and MasterCard directly and just one simple markup on top of that.

Best Payment Processing Companies in Canada. Top Choice: Digitech Payments! Full Review!

Where most processors add their desired markup to the most expensive card, ensuring large profits for themselves, with Cost Plus Pricing, you know how exactly much your processing company is making on your account.

This gives you a much clearer picture as far as where there may or may not be room for negotiations and potential reductions.

This also allows for ease of comparison with competing offers as the processor’s profit margin is the only negotiable part of your processing costs.

Digitech Payments takes great pride in their lifetime rate guarantee. They guarantee every single merchant they work with not to increase their rates for as long as they are working together.

No other payment processor in Canada offers such a solid and comprehensive rate-lock guarantee.

Whether you are a retail business, a wholesaler, a restaurant, or working entirely online, Digitech Payments has the perfect solution for you.

Join the fastest growing payment processing company in Canada and enjoy the lowest rates along with a rate-lock guarantee and outstanding customer service!

For help in negotiating the lowest rate plan with Digitech Payments, feel free to reach out and contact us!