With thousands of payment processing options in the United States, finding the best fit for your business can be quite a challenge.

Best Payment Processors in the USA! Full Reviews of the Top 4 Merchant Account Providers!

As you may expect, our group has had mixed experiences with different merchant service providers.

Based on our hands-on experience, we’ve been able to narrow your choices down to the top 4 best, most transparent merchant service providers in the country.

The providers listed below all offer both transparency in pricing and full term rate guarantees.

Although we are sure there are other fair and honorable companies to work with, the list below has been thoroughly tested by multiple merchants in our group. You can fully expect excellent customer service and support from each one.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

#1 Auctus Merchant Services USA



Our top choice this year by quite a large margin once again is Auctus Merchant Services. We continue to be impressed with their excellent customers service and their no-nonsense pricing.

Auctus Merchant Services offers the fairest and most transparent cost-plus pricing with the lowest markup in the industry. They even offer lifetime rate-lock guarantees.

Best Payment Processors in the USA -Top Choice 3rd year running: Merchant Services Gurus! Full Review!

This is the third straight year we’ve been recommending Auctus Merchant Services as our top choice for payment processing and merchant services in USA, the results have been spectacular.

Every merchant we’ve sent their way has reported back with exceptionally positive reviews. We hear great things from all of them with regards to outstanding customer service, same day funding as well as fair and transparent pricing.

Auctus Merchant Services has a solution for every business type including retail, restaurants and e-commerce. They also offer the latest in terminal technology including smart and even virtual terminals.

If you are looking for straightforward payment processing with no hidden fees and a great customer service staff to work with, definitely take a closer look.

Compared to the majority of payment processors, working with Auctus Merchant Services is a breath of fresh air.

If you would like help in negotiating the lowest rate plan feel free to reach out, or use the button below check them out directly for yourself!

Free Price Quote for Payment Processing at Auctus Merchant Services' Website

#2 Elavon Payment Processing US

Best Payment Processors in the USA! Elavon Review

Elavon is one of the largest processors in North America, boasting the largest merchant base thanks to their straightforward billing and competing rate guarantee.

Elavon is a subsidiary of the fifth largest bank in the United States, US Bank. Every year, Elavon processes payments for more than 1 million merchants worldwide.

Elavon is best known for their excellence in customer service and their transparency in pricing and billing.

They offer Interchange-Plus Pricing to even their smallest merchants. Interchange-Plus (Cost-Plus) is the most cost effective and transparent pricing plan in the industry.

Best Payment Processors in the USA! Elavon Review!

Elavon payment processing in the U.S. offers solutions for retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and mail order businesses.

Their virtual terminal, Converge is one of the most user friendly payment platforms in the industry. They are also the only processor to carry the Poynt Smart Terminal.

Elavon is one of our top recommendation mainly because they are fair in their pricing, up front on all the rates and provide the most clarity on their monthly merchant statements.

They continue to provide excellent service for ourselves and the thousands of merchants we have recommended them to.

Our customer service rating for Elavon is “Excellent”, as is our rating for their pricing and transparency.

Check them out for yourself, or get in touch to have our team negotiate the best rate plan for you!

Check out Elavon's Website Directly!

#3 Total System Services – TSYS (POS)

Best Payment Processors in the USA! TSYS Full Review!

Third on our list is Total System Services (TSYS). Another massive processor, TSYS now holds over 800,000 merchant under their umbrella.

Established in 1983, Total System Services is one of the oldest processors in the US.

Although TSYS doesn’t post their rate and pricing plans on line, with a little negotiating, they will provide interchange-plus pricing.

TSYS offers rate-lock and competing rate guarantees to all their merchants. In other words, they guarantee to never increase your rates during the terms of your agreement. They will also match or beat any legitimate competing offers.

As one of the largest processors in North America, TSYS offers solution for every business type and every processing method.

Although they will offer cost-plus pricing when asked, it’s always better to have a rate specialist negotiate the best rate for you as we know the ins and outs of all the industry jargon.

Merchant review doesn’t just highlight and review the top processors in North America, we also help small and medium sized merchants secure the best rate plans for their businesses. Let us negotiate the fairest rate plan for you!

#4 First Data Payment Processors

Best Payment Processors in the USA! First Data -Full Review!

First Data payment processors in USA is the largest payment processor in North America and one of the oldest.

First Data offers a variety of pricing plans including; Flat-Rate, Tiered and Interchange-Plus.

Although their statements can be a little confusing, their Cost-Plus Pricing Plan is quite transparent and easy to comprehend.

We don’t recommend any other First Data pricing plan unless you only do sporadic transactions of maybe 2-3 per year.

Best Payment Processors in the USA! First Data -Full Review!

First Data excels at integration and new technology. They are currently the only payment processor to offer the Clover Flex Smart Terminal.

As far as customer service is concerned, we rate First Data as “Very Good”, but Elavon and TSYS are just a bit better we found.

If you’d like to work with First Data, but would like help in negotiating the best rates and pricing plan, get in touch. We’ll help insure that you are getting the best rate plan available for your industry.

Best Merchant Account Providers in the United States Reviewed! Take the guesswork out of finding your payment processor!