Who We Are

Merchant Review is a group of merchants, investors, bankers and entrepreneurs who have tested every company within the credit card processing industry so you don’t have to.

Through experience we have learned (sometimes the hard way) which are the best, most transparent companies to work with and which are not.

We have created this site to act a resource for merchants who are looking for transparency and honesty with their payment processing.

Use our expertise and hands on experience to find the best processing system and merchant account provider to suit your individual needs.

As long as you choose one of the companies represented in these pages, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Our Story


Merchant Review was created with the hope of helping other small and medium sized merchants avoid some of the common pitfalls within the payment processing industry.

We are a group of US and Canadian merchants who have spent years trading notes about the experiences we’ve had with various processing companies over the years.

After years of collaboration, it became evident to us that the industry was just as problematic in Canada as it was in the United States.

It was precisely this realization that provided the main impetus for the creation of this blog.

Over the years we have grown to include representation from the banking sector as well as payment processing experts from every facet of the industry.

All the articles and reviews on these pages are based on our own personal experience and inside knowledge.

We decided early on that we would never accept offers of payment or commissions to recommend any company. This allows us post honest reviews with no bias whatsoever.

Every processor listed on these pages has been thoroughly vetted and tested by us and comes with our full recommendation.

If you are currently accepting credit cards or are looking to start, use these pages to help you find the best, most transparent and cost effective payment processor for your business.

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